This work is under NDA, but I can speak to what I took away from this project and what it entailed at a high level.


Our clients within the USDA needed a way to allow grant applicants to submit related data. These applicants range from non-profits, universities and farmers with a range of technical literacy.

I joined my team when the product Producer Operations Data System - Soil Health (PODS-SH) was already built as an MVP. Together with the two other designers on my team I performed user testing to assess the usability of the MVP and how easy its content was to understand. We conducted initial interviews with the users to understand their context and then had them go through asynchronous testing sessions of our product. Here I took on a large role in drafting the asynchronous instructions as well as reviewing the footage and taking notes for synthesis later. After running user testing we synthesized our results and ranked concerns that could be acted upon for next steps with our clients and project leads. Many of the key issues that came up from this research had to do with not providing enough context about what needed to be done to users as well as a lack of information architecture that showed users how to accomplish what they needed to do. From there I took on the task of redesigning the MVP so that functionality was retained but the information was laid out in such a way that the user was guided through the process of submitting their information.

Type & timeline

Full Time Work
May 2023 - October 2023

My role

UX Design
UX Research
UX Advocate


Yatong Wang
Aaron Yeung


Adobe XD

What I Learned


Design Advocacy

I gained further experience advocating for the need of a design perspective in strategic and technical discussions that may affect the products future direction.


Redesigning A Product Using
A Design System

While working on this product we were instructed to adopt the FPAC design system in our work. I redesigned POD-SH using this system and rebuilt the design system in XD so that others throughout the company could benefit.


Designing A New Information Architecture

I had the opportunity to conduct secondary research on the subject matter of our product and constructed a method for users to go through a complex application process without getting lost.


Pivoting Designs Due To Technical Limitations

Throughout this process I collaborated with the developers in my team and needed to pivot designs due to platform limitations.

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